Visitor Visas

Individuals from countries from which entry into Vanuatu is authorised may not need a visa for short term visits. View the complete list of countries here

However, individuals from some countries will require a visa beforehand to ensure that their entry into Vanuatu is authorised. View the complete list of countries here

Visa Requirement

The following requirements are necessary before a visitors visa is approved and issued:

1) Completed application form
2) Evidence of a return ticket
3) 2 passport photos
4) Copy of first page of passport - the information page
5) Copy of invitation letter - clarifying length of stay
5) Settlement of visa fee VT3,600 paid through Western Union

Application Form

To begin your application process please complete the Department of Immigration form here

For more information you can email Department of Immigration using:

Please contact the local host at if you require invitation letter or any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visas can be processed through a Vanuatu Embassy located in your country. However, if there is no embassy situated in your country then the process can be completed online using the Vanuatu Immigrations website A dedicated link to the application is provided above.