Introducing the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation: Mapping Digital Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region

Time: 09:30 – 10:30

Meeting Room: Hilltop Conference Room


  • Mr. Chengetai Masango
  • Dr. Vinton Cerf


The purpose of this session is to introduce the HLP to the AP community, outline its objectives and its strategy for inclusiveness, answer any questions the community may have on the HLP’s work. Get an understanding of the issue areas that are most relevant to the AP community.

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1. Introduction (short background on the UN HLPDC’s objectives) – Chengetai Masango [10 minutes]

2. The Panel and its aspirations  – Vint Cerf [10 minutes]

3. General questions from the floor [15 minutes]

4. Participatory issue mapping  [25 minutes]

a) How do you see the status of Digital Cooperation  currently in the Asia Pacific Region particularly within the Small Island States and do you have any suggestions for improvement.

b) What issues are of particular importance to stakeholders in the region.

5. Wrap up and ways to stay engaged and informed.  [3 minutes]