Information Kit

INFORMATION KIT: Vanuatu General Information

Official Name: Republic of Vanuatu

Official Languages: Engish, French and Bislama (Local creole)

Official currency: Vatu

Demonym: Ni Vanuatu

Location: 15.3767⁰ S, 166.9595⁰ E

Land mass:  12,189sq kilometres

Description: Archipelago (grouping of islands)

Weather: Beautiful Tropical climate – good weather all year round

Best travel time: April to October temp: 18⁰C to 28⁰C

November to March wet season generally hot

Humidity:  73% (average) April highest month and November lowest.

Hot & Cold Month: January 80⁰F (27⁰C) average July 71⁰F (22⁰C) average

Sunshine hrs: 11hrs     December, January (average) 9hrs        June, July (average)

Rainfall:   February 340mm heaviest month on average.

Population:  282,117 (Estimate 2018)

Employment:  27% hold jobs, 73% self employed

Unemployment:  5.2% (2017)

Economy: Copra, Cocoa, Kava & Beef  60%

Products export: 20%

Tourism: 40% (fastest growing)

Tourist general Info

Foreign Currency: AUD (wide accepted as cash when buying)

AUD (widely accepted as cash when buying)

EURO (mainly in hotels and restaurants)


Cash: Mainly local currency – vatu

Credit Card: Most credit cards accepted (however advised to always have cash)

Public Transport Fare

Airport to Hotel                    Vatu rate                          USD rate

Taxi                                             2,000vatu             =             20 USD

Bus                                              500vatu                 =             5 USD

Hotel transfers                      2,000 vatu            =             20 USD


Site Seeing

Half Day tour

Taxi                                             7,000vatu             =            70 USD

Bus                                              15,000vatu          =              150 USD


Full day tour

Taxi                                             10,000vatu          =              120 USD

Bus                                              15,000vatu          =              150 USD

Hire Car

Power :       3 pin plug type common – Australia/New Zealand

220 – 280 volt power points available in all outlets.

Water: Tap water is safe to drink in Port Vila.  Bottled water is sold in all  shops, restaurants, cafes and bars around town.

Clothing : Casual dress is more than enough as climate is very warm. Nudity is prohibited and swim wear is advised for swimming areas only.When away from swimming areas, cover clothing or sarong is advised to  cover swim wear.

Forum dress: Casual wear clothing and flat shoes and smart flat shoes are  is advised as there will be travelling over water and venue is on an island.

Business Hours :  8:00am to 12:00midday and 1:00pm to 5:00pm normal working hours.

Public Service hours are 7:30am to 12:00midday & 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Sat & Sun:    Half day business hours on Saturday for most business except tourism, transport, general goods stores and emergency services open.

Post Office: Open Monday to Friday  8:00am to 5:00pm

Sat & Sun:  Open half day Saturday and closed Sunday

Banks: ANZ, BSP, BRED Bank and National Bank of Vanuatu

Opening hrs: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm

ATM access:  ATM and FPOST access for ANZ, BSP and BRED Bank can be accessed at most point of sales around Port Vila. Cash is the main currency when going into rural Efate and other islands.

Time Zone:  Apply either AEST Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane add 1 hour or GMT add 11 hours.

Internet Café:  Several Internet café around Port Vila – simply ask at your hotel reception.

Medical:  Visitors do not need vaccination. Anti-malaria medication to be taken before travel especially if visiting islands. General hospitals available 24 hour serviceand hotels do have doctors available on call.

Dehydration:  Take as much water as you need daily.

Airline Confirm:  You need to ask your hotel reception to confirm your departure with airline on arrival.

Departure: You have to check in counter at airport 2 hours before departure time.

Tips: No tipping allowed in Vanuatu

Ferry to Iririki Resor:  Ferry service for Iririki Resort is a 24hr service. If you are staying on Iririki island let reception or guest relation know your return time to ensure Ferry is available.

Bus to Iririki Jetty: From any hotel in town bus fare to Iririki Resort jetty is 200vatu.=

Tours:  Booking for any tours can be made either through hotel receptions and guest relations or via tour companies in Port Vila downtown.

Security: Port Vila is very safe for tourist to wonder around during the day. Evening out is safe to go for walks or to eat out. Simply make bookings via hotel guest relations and have transport organised or do it yourself.

Enjoy the Vanuatu hospitality – Smile