Date: August 13 - 16, 2o18
Venue: Iririki Island Resort Port Vila

Empowering communities in Asia Pacific to build an affordable, inclusive, open and secure Internet

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is one of the key regional initiatives on Internet governance. By adopting the multi-stakeholder approach as its core principle, APrIGF serves as a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at a regional level, and also where possible to aggregate national IGF discussions, ultimately advance the Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region.

The APrIGF community has grown significantly since its initiation in 2010. We are now bringing together over 300 multi-stakeholders from over 20 countries across the region each year to participate in advancing the Internet governance development. The annual conference program consists of three sessions: the “the pre-event” meeting, the “core conference,” and the “Youth IGF Camp.”

2018 APrIGF will be held at Iririki Island Resort in Vanuatu from August 13 to 16. With the advent of a new Internet era of affordable, inclusive and secure Internet. 2018 APrIGF will definitely be the good platform for all these important discussions.

Learn more about APrIGF and YIGF events here.


The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has three main priority areas:
First, to encourage the spread of ICTs (information and communications technologies) in society to efficiently and effectively achieve an educated, healthy and wealthy Vanuatu.

Second, to lead the iGov Initiative, (the Integrated Government Initiative), which uses world-class e-government solutions and ICTs to bring better service delivery methods to all ministries and agencies, and ultimately to Vanuatu’s residents and businesses.

Thirdly, to encourage the right to information (RTI) in Vanuatu. To learn more about OGCIO visit the site here
The Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) is a statutory body operating independently from the government. The body has the General Powers and Functions to regulate telecommunications and radiocommunications services in Vanuatu. The Regulator reports to and advises the Minister responsible for telecommunications as to policy and making of regulations and any other matter as requested by the Minister.

TRR has to ensure that the Act is implemented, facilitated and enforced.
The Act gives power to the Regulator to facilitate the development of the telecommunications sector and manage radio-frequency spectrum in order to promote national, social and economic development. To learn more about TRR visit the site here